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King and a Single Bishop Mate!

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    So do you know how to mate with a King and a bishop?  Take a look at this one!

                    Mate in eight moves.

                          WHITE TO MOVE

    It ended with a mate with a King & bishop!
    It was submitted by George Koltonawski in the San Francisco Chronicle.
    It was created by A. A. Troilzky.
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               I hope you guys liked this problem.

                     I know that it's an old one.

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    DENVERHIGH wrote:

    Yes, I know it says Nate and that doesn't compute. I hit the wrong key and dummy me can't change it after it is posted. I rely on you keen abilities to read it.

    Sorry.   Denver!

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    I had forgoten that I posted this mate with king and a bishop.


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