One Pawn Up, Can White win? How?

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    I think something like 1.hxg Kxg6 2. b5 axb 3.axb and here white will escort his a pawn down the board and not allow black to trade the KS pawns to keep the black king tied to it.

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    Interesting line Fezzik, I didn't notice 2.h6 which looks arguably stronger than my line.

    I think this is also good enough?

    1.Ne8+ Kf7 2.Nxf6 Kxf6 3.g5+ Kf7 (regrettably for black, this seems best) 4.h6 and because the pawns tie the king white's K+ two pawns are more than enough to mop up the queenside.  Best case for black it's a wash and the liquidation will see an easily won K and P endgame on the other side.

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    The position was taken from the game Kasparov-Timman, Linares 1993, after 49.Nd6 Bd1.

    Kasparov's winning idea was not only dramatic but also simple: 1.Ne8+ Kf7 2.Nxf6 Kxf6 3.g5+ Kf7 4.h6 1-0 . Dramatic as it involved sacrificing N for P.  Simple as it made Black helpless in what White would be doing - eliminate the B by forcing it to stop one of White's queenside pawns from queening and then after the B is eliminated White would have a won game as Black would not be able to save his g-pawn.


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    Yay, it's fun when your first impression is right Cool -- it's just too bad my game is peppered with the opposite circumstance too.

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    The sac works not only because of white's material advantage but his superior king position too.

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