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Opposite Bishops, extra pawn.....

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    I don't think there was a way to win this?

    Could I have done better?

    Quite pleased with a draw against a 1840, though..

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    On a quick glance, I like 38..Be5+ (because it instantly kicks the king back, keeps it out of your queen side's dark squares (except for a couple) for the rest of the game where your majority is so you can create a passer and win with the help of your king.) If you could promote the rook pawn, its promotion/queening square is dark so is also protected by your dark square bishop.


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    Looks like a draw there, Rooperi.

    General tip: If you're looking to win in a OCB endgame, try to keep your pawns on the color of your opponents bishop.

    Conversely, if your looking to draw, put your pawns on color of your own bishop.

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    It must be a draw, this is typical in opposite coulored bishop endgames.

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    Thanx all

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    rooperi wrote:

    Thanx all

    Thank you for sharing. Gives us all an opportunity to learn. And congrats on the draw with the Class A player.

    Yes, most of us know opcb endgames end in draws but of course we should also know they don't always.


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