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pawns' engame

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    I want to show this endgame because I thing it is interesting.
    I played it at a 15|10 game,so you can analyse it,does white win (is a pawn up) or it is a draw (there is also the e4 pawn).
    I thing also that I have to say the result of this game later
    Edit:White to play


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    This would be quite tricky to analyse within the constraints of a 15|10 game, but it's doable happy.png


    White wins, but needs to take some care. The winning plan is as follows:


    1) Immediately push b4, then play c4 immediately afterwards, exchanging pawns. This leaves you with passed a- and b-pawns

    2) Advance these pawns to a5 and b6, and position the white king on b4 or c4

    3) Respond to Black's ...Kb7 with Kb5


    You'll have time to play a6+, b7, and

    either A) Kb6 and a7#

    or B) Kc6-c7 and b8Q+

    before Black creates a new queen on e1 and wreaks havoc! happy.png


    I'll leave you to work out the details yourself.



    EDIT: Sorry, you can't play b7 immediately after a6+ and ...Kb8, because Black responds to b7 with ...Kc7 and draws! [Edit2: No, in fact, with ...Kc7 Black would win!!]


    You have to play a6+, then Kc6, then only b7 followed by

    either A) Kb6 and a7#

    or B) Kc7 and b8Q+


    I guess I would not have played this ending very well in a real 15|10 game!

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    White is winning as engines say,I advaced the a,b pawns knowing that the least I will have a queen as black (the e pawn) with rather the best game,for example capturing the f4 pawn but finally I make a mate.

    The game is below


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    Oh you found the winning idea during the game! Excellent!

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    Another way to win this is to create passed a- and c- pawns. For example after the diagrammed position:

        1.b3 Kc5 2. c4 Kb6 3. a4! and white wins.

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    Sorry, I just realised my last posting is incorrect as white only draws.


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