Queen vs. 2 rocks


In the middle game I prefer to have Q vs. 2 rocks, when there are other pieces on the board.

How about the end game, do you prefer to have Queen or 2 rocks. There are situations when this apply. Also, suppose there are only kings and Q and 2 rocks. Is there a default winner in this situation, is it draw or does it depends?


Having pawn on each side of course change situation. What about random game with only 2 rocks and Q. Is there a default winner in such situation?


I think that if a queen took two rocks, she'd get stoned.

It's rooks, not rocks. 

It all depends on the number and structure of the pawns and the placement of the kings.

If there are many isolated pawns and a wide open king against the queen, the queen has a good chance of winning.

If the pawns are connected and the king is secure against the queen, the rooks will probably win.