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Queen vs. Four Pawns Reposted in v3

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    White to move.

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    Is white winning this?  I would guess yes but would appreciate opinions from others.  Thanks.

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    This is a variation from a tournament game I played the other night.  On my move before the diagram I played 49. a8=Q and black actually played 49...h5 instead of 49...g5 (pawn came from g7) on his move before the diagram which allowed 50. Qg2+ followed by 51. Qxg7 making it much easier for me.  It appears it would have been much tougher had black tried 49...g5 (diagram).

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    This is an easily won position of course. Simply getting the white king in front of the pawns will leave black with nothing to play for.


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    I think black might need an extra pawn to win.


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    LilBoat21 wrote:

    If you love someone set them free. If they come back set them on fire.

    Thanks for the advice, but I need help with queen vs. four pawn endgames more than anything else right now.


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