Queen vs Rook+2 Knights Endgame


I've recently reached an interesting Q vs RNN endgame:

Any ideas on how to play it as black?


According Houdini / Stockfish, white is winning.  


Advantage of +2 for white. 


Interesting. I think the white pawns should decide things. For black there are some problems - 3 isolated pawns with little hope of promoting, the knights are protecting each other rather than being protected by pawns, white has a passed c pawn and can make another passed pawn on the kingside, the black rook is doing nothing. White can perhaps next go a4 (Nxa4 Qxd7+ wins) threatening a5 and I dont really see what black can do about it. The knight is protecting the rook so I guess you have to move the rook and lose the a6 pawn. Then 3 connected passed pawns will win for sure.