Queen Endgame- How to force the trade of queens ?


In this Endgame I had a material plus of a bishop and 2 pawns. My Opponent had only Queen , King and a pawn. I had a difficult time to force the trade of queens. If i had played more worse the endgame it could happen that he gets a draw due to the 50 moves-rule with checking  series . So it would nice to know how to play queen endgames and to force a queen trade  at the fewest moves . Are there any techniques that can be learned ? I hope that someone has a good advice for me how to handle such positions better.Smile

Now i show you the endgame and how I finally managed to force the trade of queen

I think queen endgames are very difficult and  i need more practice at this.
I was the first time I had such an ending and I was not prepared for it, but i will make some endgame puzzles and hope I will master it better next time.