Rook vs Rook and pawn

Whats the best way towin this endgame? is there such a system or a tecnique to promote the pawn?

i know there is the lucena position but how can i achieve this position?


There is a way to draw. It's called the philidor draw. The Saint Louis chess club Youtube channel has a video on rook endgames. It covers how to win and draw several rook vs rook and pawn endgames. The situation with the a or h pawn has helped me win and draw many games.


There is no way around learning some basic positions and techniques. I like the book "100 Endgames You Must Know" by Jesus De la Villa.


endgame study forum yes!Sredman that's brilliant


@OrganizaesCapivara does this help. There is a technique for white to reach this position


Here is a sample of moving up the board to create the  lucena position.
Note at the end black stopped checking (or rather I got bored) in which case white has to watch and go ah, ha I can now cover the king/pawn by ...