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Some Bobby Fisher's endgames

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    I've just finished the book Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess. Book was very readable, but disappointed me because its examples were too easy. Nevertheless there are some very interesting examples in the book.























    If black rook takes queen white mates in two moves with the rook on the back rank so black rook cant move from back rank. It is important to notice that black can not protect it's bishop with 33. ... Re8 because black would simply take the bishop 34. Qxe6.



    If black plays 30. ...Rxf7 he will be mated. Instead black replies with
    30. ...Rc3+. White interposes with a queen, not with bishop(very good move). Some of the variations of continuation are in the diagram below.
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    3) This is my favorite. Difficult and simple at the same time.


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