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THE BEST GAME OF MY LIFE!(Explained Move By Move)

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                         A  Draw Converted To A Victory

    Here , i want to share the best game of mine,in chess.com so far.till today ,i have won many games but they were becuse of a big mistke or Blunder by opponent.But  This anti-sicilian game went to an Endgame too quickly.And that is the weak point of mine.But Here ,from a good pawn structure of both sides, i was able to find a convincing position at the end,and make an opposition for the opponent king.

    So ,for the first time I won due to a good Position

    Here the game is, and my plan is also explained move by move .

    This is the last practice game in chess.com befor my life's First OTB Chess tournament from 31 december .. Hope This game will boost me there.   :D


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    Awesome game.

    But if:

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    Hi udb_1993, King and pawn endings are exceedingly difficult.  From what I can figure, 37...d5 seems like the place where your opponent lost the game.  Notice that is his first action after exchanging the final rook and entering the pawn ending.  He blew the pawn ending as soon as it arose.

    Great effort by you!

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    Thanks @Ghostofrm

    WOH i missed wit while posting the game @python

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    Great game!

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    At last my study of Endgame is paid off

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    I know you feel great udb_1993.  I will add that the way your opponent blew the pawn ending at his first stroke is absolutely typical.  Again, king and pawn endings are fraught with trouble.  Way to be fearless as the end approached.

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    41... Ke6 how does white win.

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    ya white still wins. with the left side of the board

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    udb_1993 wrote:

    ya white still wins. with the left side of the board

    No he doesn't. It is a draw at best

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    orangeishblue, you make me think 42...a5 is the losing move.

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    Don't even wanna look at this game.. Just another sebleb copy cat who thinks he's the only person who played a good game.

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    12.Qc3 is obviously not clearly winning

    46...a4 and your plan with taking the kside pawns doesnt work. you must first take the cpawn. ofcourse still winning 4 u.

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    Qc3 is clearly winning? LOL

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    @khaos i never said i ONLY played a good game!!!! It was my best game.. 


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