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The Reti Position...and the Anti-Reti

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    Many of us are familiar with Richard Reti, whose historical impact in chess include:

    • trailblazer of the hypermodern opening system bearing his name.
    • halting Capablanca's streak of eight(!) years without tournament/match loss.
    • winning brilliancy prize for win vs. Bogoljubov at 1924 New York tournament.
    • meeting and later marrying a beautiful lady at 1925 Moscow tournament (now there's a brilliancy).
    and most likely renown for the following 1921 endgame composition that keeps getting "rediscovered" with great excitement by players who first encounter it, (and understandably posted repetitively by players who wish to share their enthusiasm):

    And the further extensions on this theme (also by Reti -1928):
    But less-known is the Anti-Reti maneuver, as demonstrated in a composition by Rink (1922):

    With this background, see what you can come up with from this analysis position from the 19th game of the 1974 match between Korchnoi & Karpov:


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