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Three Passers were too many!

  • #1

    After  move 40 in Game 8 of WC 1960

    Botvinnik put his move 41 in an envelope. When it was opened again and the inserted move was executed Tal directly resigned the game.

    Which move had been played? )Please think first and then give it a try)

  • #2

    Good puzzle, I couldn't figure it out.  I would expect no less of Botvinnik though!

  • #3

    got it after a few tries- good puzzle

  • #4

    Thought I had it solved when I saw this, but I was wrong.

  • #5

    I thought Nb5 worked, but then I realized that black can play Rxd5. I thought about Nf7, but I didn't think that was one move that could make Tal resign,

  • #6

    Isn't D6 a losing move because of Ke8? H5 is the only winning move I see....

  • #7

    How does black respond to 1. b7? Wouldn't b7 Rb3 Nf7+ transpose?

  • #8

    The difference between 1. Nf7! and 1. b7? is an slight but decisive one.

    After 1. b7? Rb3 2. Nf7+ Kh7! 3. Nd8 a5! the black a-pawn will become very quick

    After 1. Nf7+ Kh7 2. d6!(instead of 2. b7?) one of the passers would walk through:


  • #9

    nice game, i can't see far ahead enough that Nf7+ is winning, the ending is very tricky

  • #10

    10.Na6+ is pointless, just queen the h pawn.

  • #11

    Oops, and 4.d6 as in the puzzle loses to 4...Ke8
    4.h5 wins though.

  • #12

    Ay yes, the queening of the h-pawn hinders the queening of the a-pawn!


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