Tough position for white


White to move.

Is white loosing?


You're a wily one... wink.png


This looks really familiar. I think it was on tactics trainer or something like that a couple days ago. Is this the one where it's hard to believe black cannot win?


Yes, one of the most well known end game analysis.

I think if you try to understand this, you will learn much about king and pawn endgames.



 This is Reti's famous composition, isn't it? It's a great introduction to the kind of magic that can occur in the end game


Here is a famous one by Troitsky.  White to move and win.

The-Michael-Corleone написал:

Here is a famous one by Troitsky.  White to move and win.

1.Be6 Ke7 (1...Kf8 2.h6 Ke7 3.h7) 2.h6 Kf8 (2...Kf6 3.Bf5! Kf7 4.Bh7 Kf6 5.Kf4) 3.Bd5! Ke7 4.h7


black cant win


White lost

As for the first problem posted by the OP: it's a draw, although it does seem impossible. Because it's white to play, white can move over to support it's own pawn, and in the process it's still close enough to catch the black pawn should black decide to stop the white pawn.