Vancura position in the ending!


Ah, makes sense. I probably wouldn't even look at this move in a game, tbh. Still worth remembering.

I need to study endings more as well

Oh nice

pfren wrote:
Optimissed έγραψε:

It seems a very simple draw and I don't think there's any need for Rh4. Just walk the king over. White either wins the pawn or gets a perpetual.


1.Kc2?? as well as 1.Kc3?? are equally awful, and lose to 1...Kd4/d5.

White's king cannot go to the d-file, as ...h2 wins on the spot (the elementary ...Ra1 and ...Ra2+ trick, winning the h2 rook).

The king has to stay at b2, and the rook should be transferred to the third rank. 1.Rh4 Kd5 2.Rg4 looks safe enough.

Yes quite right. Sometimes I jump in with both feet when I should carefully walk round.