Where/How to study Endgames?


I have just two question! I think I'm weak in some endgames. My questions are:

- Where to study it? I don't have any book or something similar, so I'm asking if there is any site (like chesstempo), where you can study it...or any free book?

- How to study it? If you have a book, how can you prove at the end of the day, that you have learned something? :)

Thanks for all the answers! :)


Endgame is perhaps the main area where you can, definitively, prove that you've learnt something.

When you work out how to win or draw a position, you can test yourself against the computer to see if you've memorised the technique, or apply the principles if it plays slightly different moves than you were taught. You can also use endgame databases to check that you're moves are winning, or to see the winning lines if you're not sure.

Get an endgame book. I like Silmans Complete Endgame Course.


Chess Tempo offers endgame training. However, you are much better off with a book that explains ideas. In CT endgame training, you must try to match computer moves.


There's actually a mode in CT where you don't have to match engine moves (can't remember if it's default or not), you simply have to keep the same result (win or draw).


Look at chesscafe.com (Endgame Corner by Karsten Müller) - it's free and it has a lot of different endgame themes.

In order to see if you're getting better (on your own; that is without any coach), try to go through the different lines after you're done and see how many main ideas you remember. This is difficult, but you could try. Also you could do this with a friend.

Remember: There are a lot of different endgames, so try to be more precise about what endgame you want to study and maybe make a study plan.

Good luck!


Yes, chesstempo has only 2 endgame studies (if you're not a premium member there). One with time and one without it.


I would recomend to read Silman's complete endgame course and I feel that this is the only endgame book I understand


YOU WANT TO  FINISH END_GAMES ? Ruben Fine did the best on this subject ...get his book and work it out w/ pieces and board. He will explain common postions and how either to win or why it's a draw ! good luck... 





Everyone, thank you very much!

What about this one? I'm just asking: http://www.chessvideos.tv/endgame-training/endgame-simulations.php


Yeah sure, but you don't really learn them there, just test what you've learnt. It's good for that though.


Thanks for the tips :-) Anybody tried http://chessendgames.com? They have free interactive chess endgame training.


Another idea is YouTube. Check out the GM's endgame videos. Very nicely done and at any level you want.