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White to play and mate in 115

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    Here's a fun position to check to see if your endgame tablebases are working.  It's an endgame position with five pieces.  It's White to play and mate in 115.

    If your engine uses tablebases, it will announce the solution instantly, without any analysis at all.  (All it does is look up this position in the tablebase.)

    Many times during the 115 move sequence, White has to make the only correct move, or it becomes a draw.  And many times if Black deviates from his best move, White can then mate in fewer moves.  But  best play from both sides is a forced win for White in 115 moves.

    The final position is fun.  Black queens his pawn on his final move, but White then delivers mate next.

    6N1/8/7p/8/2Nk4/8/7K/8 w - - 0 1

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    One can evaluate it here:http://chessok.com/?page_id=361

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    RoseQueen1985 wrote:

    its useless to analyze by this because it would result in a draw in a real game by the 50 move rule. waste of time.

    Incorrect, there is no 50-move sequence in the mating line without a pawn move.

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    If i had that position OTB i think i would just offer a handshake for the draw...unless my captain was looking

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    Nytik is correct.  (And RoseQueen is incorrect.)  The 50-move rule doesn't apply.  Each time a pawn moves the count begins again.  

    Don, thanks for the link.  I was aware of a different tablebase link that does the same thing, but it's good to have a second site.


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