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white's best move/tactic here?

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    I was attacking his kingside and we got into this position. what are the best moves/tactics from here? in the actual game I could not hold the attack and in the end I lost.

    it's white to play:

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    Maybe g5.
    or axb4, axb4, g5.

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    This is what I think

    MSC157 wrote:

    Maybe g5.or axb4, axb4, g5.

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    Or can play nc6

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    Hi Warster7.  I think the king side is well defended for now.  You have the advange of controlling the c-file so it would be strong play for you to control the queen side and use this advantage.  I would double the rooks on c file with 1. Rc2.  Then 2. Rdc1 Then 3. Nc6 as suggested by sammyndad

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    black is actually threatening Bd6 I think, followed by Nd7. I don't know if you have time to shift to the Q side. g5 before Bd6 doesn't allow this plan, so that might be best.

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    g5 - he doesn't have time to take the a pawn so you don't have to play axb4 yet.  After g5 hxg5 hxg5 Nd7 Nxd7 Qxd7 you might think about Kg2 and Rh1 or alternatively just play axb4 followed by Rc7 for a queenside attack.


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