Any videos even simpler than John Bartholomew's videos?


Wow. Really good advice by everyone.  I would say, just follow it.  The only thing I might add is that blindfold visualization does not come till you reach 1800.  Some 1700's begin to have it, but not in the See All Variations mode.  So if you cannot see all of any annotator's lines, do not be concerned.  Visualizing is not that important, especially at your level.  


That said, one reason(not the only one) that beginners blunder is no visualizing.  That means if you practiced just knowing where your pieces are and your opponent's move to move that you would see a big leap in your ability to win.  Why?  because while you would know where your pieces are and your opponent's, your opponent would forget that he had a piece on your side that you could trap, winning material.

yakuza_ronin wrote:

@Daybreak57 Is Ne3 an option to triple fork after 21 Kg2...?  or you have the same effect in the end a rook for a minor piece.



I couldn't really remember the actual game so I made something like a game I would play against him up.  I did it fast and didn't see the fork but I did say there was a blunder at the end of the game I didn't explain, that was it.  Yes, there was a fork, and yes, he could have saved his queen and avoided mate by not blundering away the game I should have done the fork.  I missed it while doing this game fast.  I will post another game that I believe I can remember.  It is a game we actually played at Starbucks.  This one is easy to remember because the whole entire game is based on a single theme.