Help me with some guidance...


Hi can anyone analyze my last ten blitz games and tell where i am going wrong ....


You capture too much. In general a strong player will only capture when:

1) There's no other option (the opponent is forcing it)
2) It does something good for their position

Yes there are also equal trades that benefit neither player, but you're treating all trades as equal but they are not.



Here's one of your games





Other than capturing, I also see your threats are very simple. When you make a threat, you have to assume your opponent will not let you play that threat. It's ok to make threats, but put your pieces on good squares at the same time.

Pieces want to be placed where they control many squares like a rook on an open file, a bishop on a long diagonal, or a centralized knight.




Other than putting your pieces on good squares, all the time you have to ask "what will my opponent play" and you have to assume they will play a good move!

In particular imagine your intended move as if it's been made, and find ALL the checks, captures, and threats your opponent can play. Everyone does this sometimes, but your goal is to do it for 100% of your moves in 100% of your games. Here is a helpful article:



In summary:

1) Many trades are not equal. Do not play BxB, NxN, RxR, or QxQ without a good reason. Usually the reason you want to capture is your opponent has a threat, or your opponent's piece is obviously much better than yours.

2) It's ok to make threats, but find threats that also put your pieces on good squares. A well placed piece influences many squares and is often centralized too. (After that try to attack the slow targets which is usually enemy pawns or the enemy king).

3) Imagine your intended move as if it's been made, and now look for all the ways your opponent can make your move look bad. After this if you still like your intended move then you can play it.

Thank you so much for taking your time to help me. I really appreciate it. I will also work on your suggestions actively. 😊🙏