IMBacon's Cheat Sheets

bPawnBerry wrote:

I've read it all, and I have to say; priceless.

I wouldnt go that far, but thank you.

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staples13 wrote:

I’m pretty sure IMBacon is a computer program and not a real person. 


It would take about 4 lines of code to build an AI to function like him.


Enter a random thread, make some generic comments about not playing blitz, focus on not hanging pieces. Learn opening principles, control center, rapid development, and castle. 

Leave thread. Enter new one. Make comment about how online ratings are useless and that only OTB ratings matter. 

Leave thread, enter new one and repeat the loop. 

    I agree , it would take about 4 lines of code(maybe a little more) to build an AI that functions like him.

I wonder how many would take to build an AI that functions like you?Not even one , you have no I.

  I disagree many times with IMBacon but he honestly tries to help without asking anything in return.Anyone with I(obviously not you) would appreciate that.

You on the other hand, either you are here or not it makes no difference.You are just one more useless account.That's the problem, that is what you really hate , right?


How many lines of code?

x = 0

for x == 0:


   print “Generic comments”



   print “how online ratings are useless”


So you’re the one who programmed IMBacon. Well done fine sir


Thank you mate. I will read it whenever I get time. I lost many games by premove. I hope your advice will help me.

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