we look for 2-3 thousand new admins surprise.png Do you have what it takes?


we look for 2-3 thousand new admins surprise.png Do you have what it takes?


What we look for when promoting an admin are nothing out of the ordinary, knowledge, combination of skills, personal traits, and a positive attitude. Many of the skills needed to be an admin in:

The Check_and_Mate club can be acquired.

1. Strong work ethic (yes, being an admin is hard work).
2. Productivity (invites, team matches, vote chess games, tournaments and news posts,etc like Posting useful blogs for the group).
3. Professionalism (keep in mind you represent the team).
4. Problem-solving and critical thinking (assist team members with their questions).
5. Technical skills (able to answer chess questions from other members).
6. Interpersonal skills (interact with other members (able to be tacful).
7. Communication skills ( can you converse with any member without becoming rude,
beligerant, sarcastic, can you be calm when all others lose their cool?).
8. Member focus ( who,what,where,when and why members don't get involved?)
9. Team work and collaboration (can you play well with others, make suggestions not
10. Are you dependable and reliable, then we want you to be an admin in our:


club, This club is 𝓤𝓷𝓲𝓺𝓾𝓮 " The chess community that's always active" "when we are asleep in another club, we are awake in this one"?

11. Join and become a admin in our 𝓗𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝓯𝓾𝓷 club and make new friends in a club where (all 300000 first new members become admins xDxD)

12. You do not necessarily have to have all the Admin Patch we looking fore, but you do not have to have Admin Horror xDxD

we have 1 golden rule and that is the same rule for all: all new members become admin grin.png


 We can offer a 6-7 years trial to the right man/girl, and if you are the right person, and if you do a great job in our club will we give you a permanent job as admin. 

all new members become admins xDxD

If you are looking for admin job in our club:


then you need to send a PM to @airnavigator

Link to club: https://www.chess.com/club/check-and-mate-1


We can offer a 6-7 years trial to the right man/girl, and if you are the right person, and if you do a great job in our club will we give you a permanent job as admin. 

/ A 6-7 years trial? 




This is done a bit for fun grin.png

This is a market stunt to benefit members and I promise that it will be many premium membership gift from me:



I need to improve my English skills, more focus on the chess as patience tongue.pngNice challenge


Can i try this for a little bit to see if enjoy it thx


Hopefully 5 out of 10 isn't too bad ! )


grin.png 5 is good


I have much more time in the winter.


I can try but only if I have like a week to get used to the members there




Alright we will start the negotiation with me asking for perfectly reasonable compensation to even start the 6-7 year trial :

1. $75,000 yearly salary.

2. 1 month per year vacation time.

3. Of course comprehensive health and dental insurance.

4. Fully matched 401K.

5. $75,000 severance payment (if I don't make it through the 6-7 year trial) with continuing health and dental insurance for five years.

If then you decide after the trial you want to hire me then I get $225,000 salary and  2 months vacation time along with the previous agreed upon insurance, 401K, and now a $400,000 severance. Again perfectly reasonable. And I'm not even sending you a PM before you send me a $100,000 signing bonus.


xDxD BlizzardLizzard thanks for that joke, you forgot parachute, compensation for unfair dismissal / inconsistency. The order of magnitude it must be higher than 2 years' wages well?

now i am self employed but if i applied for a regular job then i think i had focused on parachute, for 2 years severance pay is common in such positions as we advertise in Magnus Chess Corner xDxD