What's your chess.com rating and what's the highest rated bot you've beaten?


I've beaten the alexandra bot though I am in 1300's. Check my archive for proof since I added the game to my archive.


1080, Mateo


Why not try to play against a human to progress?

Chess me




412, but I recently beat Tomas (1200) in an incredible war of attrition that left me with four queens and and my king vs his king and two pawns.


910, Nelson (1300)


1200, every default bots up to Li (2000). Just playing safe and waiting for it to do a mistake. Probably works on 2200+ as well as long as you keep playing simple positions.


I'm about 1500 and I've beaten the 1800 bot. Bots make seemingly random errors because they have a percent chance to blunder/mistake. That's why you can beat bots that are a lot higher than you because they randomly blunder if you get lucky.


I'm approx 1300 (rapid) and beat the 1500 engine.


I am 1400 rated but I beat a 2000 bot


My rating is 1030 (rapid, although I my real level is between 1100 and 1150, because I don't play that much games, I tend to study tactis, opennings, etc. You could say that I spend more time preparing for games that actually playing them XD) and the highest rated bot I have beaten is Devon, with 1600 points (the second highest rated adaptive bot). I should mention that I make a draw in a game against the 10-year-old Beth Harmon bot (1600 points) with the white pieces in which I never was below on the machine evaluation (in fact, I tended to have a 2 or 3 points advantage, but I didn't manage to make a win of it). One time I played a great game against Morphy Bot, but of course I lost.


My rating is 545 and I've beaten all the 1100 rated bots. I'm still practising with them until I can beat them every time and after that I'll move to the next bots.


Bots are definitely overrated



you can basically Crush any robots with 1/0 bullet


Here's an update on the highest rated bot that I have ever beaten:  I beat Hikaru-Bot [a bot that, as you can guess, is based on GM Hikaru Nakamura] with a claimed strength of 2750 several days ago under the time control of G/10 minutes without using any assistance whatsoever.  Here's a thread where I mention it: My Victory Against Hikaru-Bot - Chess Forums - Chess.com.


I'm currently 2200 Blitz / 2300 Bullet.

The highest-rated bot I've beaten is "Danya" Naroditsky, at 2650. Though it definitely made me struggle for the win.


I'm around 1200 in rapid but I beat a bot that was 2100

I’m rated 810 ish, but I beat the 1200 bot almost every time. Hmmmmmm.
I’m at about 750 for chess.com, and a whopping 1032 for lichess, yet the bots I win against usually have over 1100 rating points (never treads into 1500+, those ratings are intense for me.) the one with the largest in chess.com was emir, and the one for lichess was rated about 1150. Interesting.

Rapid rating of 960-980ish and have beaten Isabel (1600). I've only defeated her once, though. I can win against Nelson pretty regularly, because all you have to do is trade queens and convert. I've won against Antonio (1500) a few times, but not regularly.