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1000 Signs that you play chess too much

  • #281
    Maroon5fan wrote:
    MonochromeRainbow wrote:

    360. When you're playing an untimed game and you hit the table in an attempt to hit the nonexistent clock.

    I do that ALL the time!! 

    Me too :)

  • #282

    45. You believe cold fusion is theoretically related to chess, and therefore is possible to achieve if you are using the same theoretical process.

  • #283

    368. You mutate your favorite chess piece with another human being and make it your pet.

  • #284

    369. In one year your rating rose 1200 points, and you just won the Candidates tournament and are competing for the World Champion Title.

  • #285

    370. When life hands you lemons...














    You play a game of chess! :)

  • #286

    371. You like talking in big letters like this!!!

  • #287

    372. You make up 243 songs about chess.

  • #288

    373.You are the one who posts all 1000 reasons you play chess too much on here.

  • #289

    374. Whenever you see a word that begins with a c you assume that the word is chess.

  • #290

    you play a blitz game on your phone while your wife walks down the asile 

  • #291
    chessmaster102 wrote:

    375.you play a blitz game on your phone while your wife walks down the asile 

  • #292

    376. you write the word chess on all your papers

    377. half of your diary is about chess

  • #293

    You know you play too much chess when you read and post on a stupid forum, titled, "1000 signs you play too much chess."  Surprised

  • #294

    lizr10 wrote:

    okay... just wanderin' here........

  • #295

    when you are still commenting on this post 


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