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1,000 signs you play chess too much.

  • #1401

    While waiting for your chicken order at the deli, you notice the floor tiles are alternately colored dark and light. You step backward like a knight, then two tiles forward diagonally like a bishop. :-O

  • #1402
    1432: When your son throws a temper tantrum about how "chess is crap" you commit suicide.
  • #1403

    1433. When you use a game of chess to wake up your 4 year old daughter and she did the same to you days later.

  • #1404
    You do not see that there are already more than 1000 posts
  • #1405

    You see there are 1406 posts, and you say to yourself "That's not enough!"

  • #1406

    How is there 1407 posts, but yet, you are number 1433? lol

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    If any of you guys want to help, look at this thread!


    However, there are rules, such as not posting twice in a row, and no inappropriate stuff. We are almost at 1000, and are trying to evertually get to 10,000! :D Here is the official list:


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    1434- When you walk up to a catholic (or other denominational) bishop you stare at him weirdly when he walks in a straight line.....
  • #1409

    I'd like to help, stewardsj&dj, but it would be under false pretenses.  Re: "Things to do before you get old" .... it's too late.

  • #1410
    when you dont have time to troll the chess.com forum
  • #1411

    lol motherinlaw, k then

  • #1412

    1435. When you play chess the whole day instead of going to work

  • #1413

    When you are with your friends and you play a chess game in your mind.

  • #1414

    When you play chess when you watch tv

  • #1415

    1438. When you travel in time to play against Bobby Fischer

  • #1416

    When is see bishops on the road while riding my bike!

  • #1417

    When he starts thinking about how chess would be like in real life:

  • #1418

    When everyone hits the beach but u want to stay  home and play chess

  • #1419

    When you spend more time on chess.com than looking at PORN !   😉

  • #1420
    Perfektlyfrank wrote:

    When you spend more time on chess.com than looking at PORN !   😉



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