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17 Reason Chess is good for you

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    1. it is one of the oldest games known to mankind

    2. It is reasonably simple to learn, yet nearly incomprehensibly complex to truly understand

    3. It can keep you fascinated for a lifetime

    4. It is shows no respect nor preference for - age, sex, religion, nationality, political preference, or ethnicity.

    5. It keep your brain active, alert, alive, energetic and young.

    6. it does not matter what language you speak. 

    7. It cares not if you are short, tall, old, young, fat, lean, bald, blue eyed, brown eyed. brunette, blond, black, brown, rich, poor, autistic, artistic, musical, introverted or extroverted. 

    8. It can be learned in a day, and yet not mastered in a life time. 

    9. It can be played by people of nearly unlimited tempermants. 

    10. It can be played casually, or seriously. 

    11. It can be played very fast or very slow. 

    12. "Chess, Like Love, Like Music, has the power to make man happy" - Tarrasch

    13. MORPHY happy.png

    14. It has yet to be "solved" like other games. 

    15. It can teach you to think about consequences, cause and effect, calculation, patience. 

    16. You can make new friends from all over the world who share a common interest. 

    17. It is simply the greatest game ever. 

    18. Bonus - lots of really hot girls now play chess. 

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    I wish I knew some of those girls you're referring to
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    Destroyer - do you watch any of the videos or live shows on here? wow. 

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    I don't, cause I'm not a diamond member

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    well most of them are hot. 

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    Destroyer942 wrote:
    I wish I knew some of those girls you're referring to

    Hot girls playing chess? Very few. Profile pics are not counted. Join a fitness club, yoga club to meet hot girls.

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    Must be a "guy" posting. One post out of 6 on the benefits of chess, 5 out of 6 about girls . . .

    "But the queens we use would not excite you." Line from One Night Bangkok, from the musical Chess.

    Edit: Realized the initial post mentions "hot girls", so 6/6 about girls!

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    Great post. However it does show respect for Soviet people. We own the game.

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    The only hot woman that plays chess is Anastasia Karlovich. She will always have an special place in my heart.


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