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3647-6000 Worst Things To Do While Playing Chess

  • #21

    3665. Being a witness to bagel-dog accidentally lassoing a steer on the chess board instead of your opponent's king. Now that steer is really mad and is "steering" (Get it? Steering?) himself over to your side of the board. Uh oh, better get out the butter fast! We're gonna need to loose that bagel quickly. We're gonna need to lose that bagel quickly. Maybe even a little cream cheese. And some Worcestershire sauce?



  • #22

    3666. Play AlphaZero. That's it's rating.

  • #23

    That's it is rating, huh? Its rating is zero? Or 3666?

  • #24

    3667. Not stepping right up and taking a hearty swig of LEA & PERRINS ORIGINAL AND GENUINE WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE... guaranteed to make your sqwibbies swing and your tall man sing! Don't miss this once in a life time opportunity to fill your mouth with a little piece of American heritage! Open up mister! This stuff is going to change you for the better, like a Gettysburg for your tastebuds! LEA & PERRINS ORIGINAL AND GENUINE WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE... it's like a civil war in your mouth! 

  • #25

    3668. Creating too many sparks to play chess in the parks.




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