5,000 Signs You Don't Know Enough About Chess

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    3037. Castling is when you advance a pawn to the eighth rank to get crowned.

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    3038. you think castling is the same as car selling.

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    3039. You think that a castling is some kind of halfling.

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    3040 - Your grandmother wins or draws four out of five games against your play.

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    3041 - Your seven year old neice hesitates to play you OTB because she fears boredom.

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    3042: You think that the chess clock is a launcher.
    3043: You purposely lose on time so that you don't have to show how bad you are. 

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    3044: You move your your pieces to I file when you're frustrated.

    3045: You resign before you play your first move because you know need to go to the bathroom.

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    3046: You expect you opponent to resign.

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    3047: you take the queen.

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    #3048 when you play a move that you think is good then your oppent belittles you with his responce.

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    ENcyndaquil-pikachu wrote:

    #3048 when you play a move that you think is good then your oppent belittles you with his responce.

    That's happened to me at tournaments...

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    3049. To buy replacement chess pieces, you go to a pawn shop.

    3050. You don't believe there are enough stupid things possible in chess to fill 5,000 posts.

    3051. You play a whole game with a1 as a white square without even realizing it.

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    3052. You lost a game playing black with a smothered mate. Your king on h8, her knight on f7. You ask for a replay. You play white. She mates you the same way, now with your king on h1 and her knight at f2.

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    3053. First of all, stop cheating, your pawn can't capture like that. Second, just who do you think you're calling "an piss ant" here anyway? I tell you what. I'll claim win by disqualification and I suggest you learn how pawns move and learn what kind of an article goes before a word that begins with a consonant. 

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    People who don't play chess "properly" are bastards at beating you...!

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