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Bongcloud Chess

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    Anyone interested in Bongcloud chess, join this group:


    And then please go to this forum within the group and sign up for your Bongcloud rating.

    Bongcloud is a variant of chess where the object is to get your king to the other side of the board first.  If you get checkmated along the way, you win the game!

    All Bongcloud games are unrated and do not affect team match points or vote chess points.  See you there!

    ------ Lady Chocolate

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    I'd only get confused....set me back months, :0)

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    it sounds very interesting, just like playing halma I thought. I'l try playing it... thank you lady chocolate

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    This is interesting. Never played it before. O_o

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    Sorry, but I forgot about this forum.  I won't be conducting anymore Bongcloud chess matches or tournaments because I cannot be made admin and the players do not wish to leave Bongcloud society to a group I could form and be admin of.

    But I wish everyone the best of luck in their future Bongcloud endeavors.


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