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    Somewhere in India, locked behind a dusty vault, is an ancient document called the Chatrang-namak. Written in the seventh century A.D., this faded parchment tells the story of an Indian Vizier who was sent by his Raja on a pilgrimage to the court of the great King Nushirwan of Persia. The document reports that the Vizier took with him a fabulous chess like game called Chaturanga as a test for the Persian King. If King Nushirwan could intuitively explain the nature of Chaturanga, then he would be worthy of the vast riches the Indian Vizier had brought with him in tribute to the Persian court. If King Nushirwan could not ascertain the nature of the game then he would return the tribute to the Raja of India, and in turn pay tribute of his own. Much to his dismay, King Nushirwan was unable to decipher the game and thus prepared to forfeit his tribute. Fortunately for the King, his wizened sage Bururjmihr recognized Chaturanga as a game of war. He quickly worked out the function of the pieces and the objective of the game and challenged the Vizier to a contest.Buzurjmihr went on to beat the Indian Vizier 12 games in a row, thus securing the vast riches for Persia and King Nushirwan and inadvertently creating the game of chess that we all know and love.  

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    Quite a feat to work out how the pieces move from just looking at the pieces.

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    not easy but it actually seems possible, 

    if you ever dabbled in game design things become quite logical...

    in this case its reverse engineering LOL

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    boken88 wrote:

    not easy but it actually seems possible, 

    if you ever dabbled in game design things become quite logical...

    in this case its reverse engineering LOL

    If King Nushirwan saw a few games in progress, then it would not be SO tough. I assumed he was just shown the board and the chess set.

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    cool. very interesting

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    It really happened. Wink

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    Everyone knows that Chess was invented after Bill Brasky ate some checkers pieces and crapped out a chess set. 



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    Is there an online shop that sells Chaturanga?

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    chess notation reciting in blindfold chess is taking toll in the outskirts of Caracase nomad plains somewhere south of the Habasguule-Hirab tribe boundry near the hell desert and low lying crater volcanoes locally known as the 7th gate of hell. one camel herder, while milking recites his chess moves loud in a blindfold chess match with a cousin, of what seems to be the only chess set south of that boundary, very remote. A patzer said you are only a nomad when you fully milk a camel and blindfoldly win a Shatranj game in style( he knocked his cousin with walking stick from the local chief nearby and the game ended. Laughing

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