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  • #121

    My brother, Adrian, is a genuine poet.

    When I try, I only blow it.

    But nonsense I'm good at

    Puns, wrecked words and all that

    But I'm aware that you already know it. 

  • #122

    Camter don't put yourself down, You're a poetic man about town, Bringing a smile, To the rank and file, With adjective adverb and noun.

  • #123

    1, 2 , 3 and to the 4, 

    piece of poo is comin at your back door, 

    grab your iphone with your chess app, 

    let's do some tactics while you take a K-rap,

    wow it stinks what did you eat yesterday?

    let's spray some glade, and play a 10 min game, 

    oh you lost the game you're the only one to blame, 

    but of course your enemy was using komodo, 

    so you make a thread in the forums, and act like a dodo, 

    tell the mods to ban them, like callin the popo, 

    but you play chess like a monkey, I'll call you bobo. 


  • #124

    Laughter is the best medicine

    But, oh, what I mess am in

    When I try to get serious

    I go all delirious

    Trying to get some Chess word in. 


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