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Daeru(White) vs. browni3141(Black) WITH KIBITZERS

  • #101

    wow, missed that completely, but Bg5 is the move I was looking at.

  • #102

    I know a forced line after Bg5 in which I am fine with playing as white so let's see if the game goes that way.


  • #103

    I guess 10...Be7 is pretty much forced. 10...Qd5 looks pretty sketchy after 11. Nc3

  • #104

    There will be some forced moves now after 11.Bxe7 which is pretty much forced as well o.o

  • #105

    The move seems to be Kxe7, but is there a problem with Qxe7?

  • #106

    and it gives white a pawn

  • #107

    Looking at it again it looks pretty bad, so I'm going to play 11...Kxe7

  • #108

    c3 is my first though

  • #109

    Yes 11...Qxe7 looked pretty bad so I thought Kxe7 was forced.

    12.c3 gives away d3 square so 12.c3 d3 and even if I try to undermine the pawn with 13.b3 I think his bishop is a great defender. So, instead of that;

    My forced line was 12.Re4! d3 13.Nbd2 and black's c and d pawns are now under some serious pressure?!


  • #110
    ChristianSoldier007 wrote:

    Ng5 rook takes Qh5 maybe?

    Same as before, this plan fails to Qd5! unfortunately.

    Here is the current position btw;

  • #111

    that was one I looked at, go for it

  • #112

    Sorry for moving late, I was a bit busy. 

    I play 12.Re4

  • #113

    I was hoping for kibitzing, oh well, I'll post my move in a minute.

    Maybe I have to start the discussion on the move?

  • #114

    I play 12...d3

  • #115
  • #116

    13.Nbd2 was my idea but now I am also interested in the endgame after 13.cxd3 Qxd3 14.Qxd3 cxd3 15.Nc3 and I am not sure if I have enough there after I win the d3 pawn. 

  • #117

    that looks good, though i think you should Isolate the pawn and win it. that way

  • #118

    Both look good :/ I will go with 13.Nbd2 to keep the pressure.

  • #119

    Na5 looks to keep the pawns that are in the center, cramping white, b5 does the same, as for tactical respoces, f5 looks good

  • #120



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