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Double Check Checkmate

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    I know these are rather rare, and I just wanted to show one of my games where this recently happened. I just thought an aesthetically pleasing mate would do many chess players nicely.

    Post some other double check checkmates on here as well so all can enjoy Laughing

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    sry if there are any spelling errors I just wasnted to create a post before I went to bed.

    Hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope people will add and comment.

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    i must say its quite intriguing indeed!

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    good - because the double-check is necessary for the mate.

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    Yah, at first I didn't see the mate, because I was playing a quick rated game here and was in a rush, but I had a little time and saw this little combo to get me the win.

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    Cmon people, I'd like to see more posts and other situations on which you guys have done a doublecheckmate

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    How do you put your game into this kind of format that you've shown here? I would like to know =D

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    No, it's not a double check resulting in a checkmate, unless X can result in X.  (I broke my arm, which resulted in a fracture of the arm?  I don't think so!)  I nominate "double-check mate."  Though doublecheckmate has a certain appeal.  Anyway, I enjoyed it & have no examples of my own to offer! Thanks. 

    EDIT:  This comment was responding to a snarky comment (wrongly stating that this was not a double checkmate but a "double check resulting in a checkmate"), and apparently THAT poster took my point because s/he deleted his/her comment, which unfortunately rendered mine incomprehensible....

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    i mean  its awsome!!!!!



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    Cool game. Love it. Strikingly strong play. Keep it up! Cool

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    Puchiko wrote:


    Seconded emphatically.

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    That woulda been nice to see.

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    easy puzzle.

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    yes easy puzzle :)

    i like how this site lets you make that kinda format.

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    very easy

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    Very elegant.  Both rook and the bishop are not required for checkmate, just one or the other.  I don't remember if any of my games ever ended up this way, if so probably by playing the computer on the easiest level.

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