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Ever play so long before you go to bed that yo dream in Chess boards?

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    So it's happened three nights in a row now. I'm playing chess before I go to bed and I dream in strategy and checked boards. 


    Last night I dreamt that I was visiting my girlfriend and she was wearing a dress made of black and white squares. When I tried to approach her however I couldn't as she wasn't a knight's L shape away from me!


    Very trippy!! Anyone else had this? :)   

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    Yeah, that's very bizarre! Somehow my chess dreams never involve brilliant queen sacrifices leading to mate in seven. In fact, I don’t think I ever get to play a single move in them — instead, it’s all about crazy obstacles keeping me away from the chess board or people. Mental.

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    I'd love a dress like that xD I've had chess dreams as well, but rarely play in the dream. Sometimes I get flashes of chequered boards in my head before I sleep, and those nights I might dream about a chequered landscape, or furniture. It's like the pattern just seeps into the dream.

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    Never happened so far. Maybe my rating will improve when I do start dreaming about chess boards.

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    You should try to make one of your dream boards! I wanna see :P

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    Sometimes when I walk on tiled floors I walk in L-shapes. 

    Once there was a bunch of cracks in the wall beside my bed and I managed to complete a Knights Tour AND a Bishop's Tour on them. 

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    Yeah Abi, Me too!

    HAHA Helltank! That's too funny. xD

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    One time I dreamt that I was playing chess. I woke up and I was!

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    That sounds amazing! The "shoots" part reminds me of snakes and ladders. "Choose your own adventure", heh? too cool.

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    Yeah, I get those dreams alot. Usually replaying that awful scene where I blundered into mate. If I won the tournament, I usually have good dreams with tactical brilliancies. It's quite amazing what the subconscious part of one's brain is capable of.

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    I was sick and I was reading a chess book befor i went to bed and I had a dream that I played against Garry Kasparov.

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    skullskullskull wrote:

    I recall dreaming playing a game on a board which the central four squares were a kind of shoots and ladders choose your own adventure.  Basically, a piece could enter on any of the for central squares, but leave wherever you wished.

    That sounds like an interesting variant game.


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