Immortal Game

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    Perfect game ! For me, the most interesting of all moves in this game is 18. Bd6. How about you, my friend Ali. Which part do you like ?

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    It is the game played in 1851 in the Divan in London between Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky, termed the "Immortal Game". This game was played informally, not as part of a match or tournament.
    Adolf Andersson was a mathematics teacher by profession, who lived and taught in the city in which he was born, then known as Breslau, and now known as Wroclaw and now part of Poland. He began as a composer of chess problems, but then went on to play chess in earnest, and had a highly successful record against the other masters of his day. He was, however, defeated by Morphy in a historic match. He was universally well-liked.
    Lionel Kieseritzky was also a mathematics teacher, from what is now known as Tartu and is now within Estonia. His chess career was more successful than might appear from the fact that his best-remembered game is one he lost.

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