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Funny Chess Moments - Irina Krush promoting a new athletics specialty???

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    some temper there.

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    Thought the letter (that came after) was funnier.  But to this day is the only time ever seen a king fly like that - barely clears the clock but once over he is outta there!... Bet rubies to rice it led a stamped of people eager to get out of that room.

    Lizzy's response to this was one of her funniest post's ever:

                      No, *I'm* the Rightful US Women's Champion


    After reading the latest development in the continuing controversy surrounding the Krush - Zatonskih playoffs, I've decided to break my tactful silence and assert

    my own glorious victory!!

    I'm not going to bore you with my interpretation of the USCF Championship Guidelines.

    Instead I appeal to your sense of fairness and truthiness.

    After all, it's not what the rules say that matters.

    It's what you know in your heart to be right.

    Even though I didn't technically play in the tournament, my inner moral compass tells me I won. And what could be more American than that?

    First of all, I wasn't even invited. What gives, Frank Berry? Why the conspiracy against me, USCF rating computer? I deserved to play. Just because the other women have won more games against higher rated people than me in the past, that doesn't mean they are better in some absolute, quantifiable sense.

    Besides, I've been studying a lot in the last couple weeks.

    Let's ask ourselves, who's really behind this? Who profited the most from my outrageous exclusion? Clearly, it's the other ten participants.

    Irina, Anna, Chimi, Tsagaan, Katerina, Tatev, Esther, Iryna, Airplane, and Courtney: SHAME ON YOU, YOU DIRTY THIEVES.

    I expect an apology letter from everyone by early next week.

    Best wishes to all other chessplayers,


    Elizabeth Vicary

    Our fiery champ in a more laid back moment:

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    I've played her in a Simul before. Not quite the same tone to the game.

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    Can you tell us anything about the experience?

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    Nice if you speak spanish but not really required:


                             Krush is getting lonely in here.

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    I don't remember it too well, though it was just a year ago. Unfortunately, I was not at that point able to record my games, so I don't have it on record. Otherwise I would post it here.

    Actually, I'm going to a Simul in late March, and I may play her again. If I do, I'll record it and post it here.

    Anyway, there were about thirty boards and my game lasted about an hour and a half or so. I played as black, and I believe she started with e4 and I responded with e5. Other than that, I can't remember the position. There were about 8 boards still playing when I finished. It was a great experience, but looking back I only wish I had recorded it.

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    Irina is a lovely person. But I think even she would tell you that she can be a bit emotional sometimes! Even in casual conversation, she can become quite impassioned!

    These are some of the things that make her special and unique.

    I wouldn't want to be judged based on one Armageddon game from several years ago (where, don't forget, the tension must have been extraordinarily high). I don't think any of you would want to be judged like that either.

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    Yeah, don't think she's too worried about it, Krush is an extraordinary women and pretty much everybody want's to be her friend. ;)

    Probably thinking about Irina:

    Krush just told em a real knee slapper:

    Won't get to see Irina until next years tournament. :(

    Irina?  Oh yeah.

    Just got Krush's autograph!


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