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jet vs. ChristianSoldier007 with Kibitzers

  • #41

    9. Nh4, only move

  • #42

    only thing is I have that game memorized

  • #43

    Cool one of my favourite games! I remember Anderssen was the first chess player I knew the name of, because the first chess book I owned had that and the Evergreen game in the back!

  • #44

    All I can see is Nf5. Note it hits g3 defending the Ng3 stuff.

  • #45

    Not leaving me much room

    10. g4!

  • #46

    g4 was just too sharp to resist

  • #47

    Ooh, ok. I considered that briefly - hope you analysed it because I think it looks sketchy after fxg3 e.p.

  • #48

    Sharp is one word for it!

  • #49


  • #50

    after gxh5, Qc6

  • #51

    I looked at Qc6 but think d5 just kills it unfortunately.

  • #52

    after d5, f3!

  • #53

    Heh, I see what you're getting at. Could work actually - in my head I still had  a knight on f5 lol. So I see two possibilities - the simplifying dxc etc. leaving Black a pawn up, white I don't think has full compensation. Then Qe4 Qc5 and maybe Qxh4 defending f2? Then Rg8 would have to be met by Ke1 ... I like it, though. Something to consider.

  • #54

    Ok I'm reaching the edge of my visualisation now but I think after Ke1 in my line Black has it with f2 followed by Rg1 ... looks almost unstoppable to me. I'll see what you guys came up with in the morning though! (It's 2am over here now).

  • #55

    Ke1 Rg1+ Rxg1 f2+ and black has an easy win

  • #56

    only real move is 11. gxh5

  • #57

    funny thing is I think we have been predicting eachothers moves a lot, and that was the only variation I looked at in any depth, and I think that after Qe4 the position is slightly in my favor

    so 12. Qe4

    really this is my only move, and because it is forcing I have some aces up my sleeve that I will use to help me out

  • #58

    night there, see you tomorrow

  • #59

    13 Bxe3

    not giving me much room here

  • #60

    careful christian he way things are going your position is ok but now your king iks seriously exposed its a do or die situation for white right now he'll have to attack that king !

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