Kasparov for President

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    In my opinion, sandwhiches and oatmeal are both much better than whatever Kasparov is eating.

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    And I agree with yoy, Cln_Duck. Besides, I'm very hungry now. So, mine is a true gut accredited opinion.

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    Don't tell me you took this seriously...

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    So are we to conclude that Obama is holding his phone upside-down?

    I love Romney's total photo-op look in #2.

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    Yeah it's becomming a tradition now:

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    If Kasparov became president he would play 1.h4 in all games [the Reagan atatck] Smile

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    except he's russian so...

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    Kasparov, first of all, must learn how to hold a phone in a true presidential way. If you are not a president, and you don't need to have a presidential hand always free, to push a red button to unleash a nuclear global war, for instance, you can hold the phone using one hand and cover the micro with the other hand, to keep yourself saying wonderful things, while hearing others. Being a president, I've been presided by many of them, you press the micro against your ear and bring the speaker to your chin. That way, especially being a president, you still go on hearing. Softer, indeed. With such a technology, you will be using the speaker not as loudspeaker, rather as a subdued speaker. So doing, not only you hear less but accumulates the advantage of keeping the remaining hand free, apt to many usages, as circumstances may require. Clinton, in many aspects, was still more ergonomically wise than these two presidential guys shown here.

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