(Stale)mate in mirrorchess

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    Everybody knows or has experience with someone who copies every move you make in a game. It can be very annoying, but also it can provide beautiful positions. Some of them I present below:


    A quick (help)mate:


    A quick (self)mate:


    A (self)stalemate, with as much as possible pieces:

    A double (self)stalemate, with as much as possible pieces:

    Not very likely that you would this encounter on one of your games, but maybe you're looking now in a different way to mirrorchess Wink.

    More examples are up there ... maybe you could post them?

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    Very interesting. Laughing

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    interesting !!!

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    The last one is funny...Smile

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    I find these games kind of stupid but for some reason they are fun to flip through.

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