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The dangers of playing chess :)

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    O_o I don't want to get shot

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    I live close to LAX where there are chess tables on a small hit by the airport. You can play chess while watching the airplanes take off. Perfect to get someone to pay more attention to the jets and lose the game :)))

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    Then again aiports are considered a potential terrorist target so who knows what might happen.

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    At first I though this would be a serious list... so fake.

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    Pretty sure that list is fake. There's only been one murder in Antarctica (AFAIK), and it was by poison, not with an axe.

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    Don't play chess against someone with heart problems. Or someone who is a member of police or military.

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    Never play chess against computer engineers from India who claim to "not know how to play chess" =) Should've known better!

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    With my luck, I'd probably get taken out by a sniper just before playing the most brilliant move I've ever played.


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