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tips to get better at chess

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    Gee do i really need to spell it out?

    1. your hairdo will teach you the art of style.

    2. your handle will strengthen your inner psyche and conviction

    3. making beer will teach you a holistic approach and the scientific process

    4, Realpolitiks will help you refrain from optimism and only focus on realities

    5. everyone needs a hero.



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    i think your tips may be a little too intellectual for this website, robbie, i will see how I get on with the opee's tips, i might give yours a blast at a later date.
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    I like robbie's tips better.

    Oh... I've got a couple:

    1) Knights should move forward, but Bishops can be used sideways.

    2) You can hear a Knight coming, but not a Bishop.

    3) Always check, it might be mate.

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    These tips are basically the opposite of what most people say, especially the masters of chess.

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    We leave no room for mere convention! happy.png

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    JackRyan42 wrote:


    gee tell me why I just ain't scared, thats right, cause you a mamas boy Wendy.

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    looks like i will take popeye's tip and tank up on me spinach.
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    harrrrr me spinach!

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    You forgot to do tactics, which is highly important. Lastly Bullet is bad if you actually want to think.
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     Some of them are pretty good.

    1: This is a really good tip, I'll use it

    2: Wut?

    3: I don't like this . . .

    4: Good, that's important but most players already do that.

    5: Good

    6: No. This . . . ten second bullet doesn't teach you anything. If you play 10 - 60 minute games, then the moves aren't rushed and you learn a lot more. By focusing on the moves if you lose then you will gain knowledge. If it's 10 secs, you won't be thinking.

    7: O.O

    8: Getting your queen out early is typically a bad idea (unless it's a fast game, then it's fine), especially if the person you're playing is above 1000.

    9: Good idea, that will definitely help.

    10: The first part (be positive) is good, some players lose just because the person they're playing is intimidating (higher rated, or older). The second part . . . just seems sort of obvious.


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