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Very upset! Opponent rudely resigned!!

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    Since some people have no sense of humor, I'm deleting the OP in order to avoid more people getting bent out of shape over it.

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    How rude is that?


    It is not rude at all.

    And looking at your rating,...you must be joking right?

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    Definitely a joke.

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    You're not happy beating someone rated 300 pts above you? Sheesh...

    On the off chance this isn't a joke you can always play the position out vs Houdini or some other program to practice your endgame skills - and set the parameters for when the program should resign

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    that's not rude, he's clearly about to go down at least one pawn, probably more!

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    Very rude indeed! Personally I block opponents that don't play on till checkmate.

    And I bet he even dared to say gg afterwards! Yell

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    I guess that's what this thread is about.

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    Math0t wrote:

    Very rude indeed! Personally I block opponents that don't play on till checkmate.

    And I bet he even dared to say gg afterwards! 

    What's even ruder is that they dare to say "gg" without shaking your hand! Anybody that dares to say "gg" without a warm, firm handshake should be blocked.

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    Someone needs their diaper changed.

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    Such rude people should be tracked down and told off.

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    Wow, that guy was so sweet -- chess players like him are role models of character. Even if you aren't a chess player, the class just oozing out of him is something that really, every human being should strive for. I'm currently working on resigning as black after 1 e4 e6 2 d4 d5 3 Nc3 but the jerk inside me forces me to actually play a move instead. I should take lessons from this guy to set me straight -- I should really know better.

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    it's not rude to resign, all you want is to win

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    When someone resigns, it's an admission of defeat.  I don't get how this is rude.  Take for instance a basketball game in which one team is ahead by 40 points in the 4th quarter.  Would it be prudent for the winning team to leave their starters in, just to make it a 50 point win for no other reason than to rub it in?  The losing team had for all intents and purposes resigned, due to overwhelming point deficit by letting their starters sit out to avoid injuries.  I really don't get how this is an issue.  In terms of practicing endgames, how much can you expect to learn when your opponent has already given up?  Your opponent is tapping out, you want to break a limb while you're at it?

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    There needs to be an emoticon for irony. The wink isn't quite the same. 


    And there actually was a recent thread where a guy blocked people he labeled as "quitters". Although the circumstances were a bit different (his opponent wanted him to resign in the face of mate rather than carrying out the mate himself). 

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    I sometimes need to resign prematurly when RL intervenes.

    (Of course, if I am WAY ahead on the board, I will offer a draw first.)Wink

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    Resigning is not rude, its a compliment. Refusing to resign is the insult.

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    So I ended up facing the same 2100 again this morning in a 5-min game, only this time I had to defend as black. I completely tarded out on the middlegame, but he took so long trying to press a win that I managed to equalize and won on time. That's twice in a row I've beaten this guy. At first I was thinking maybe his rating was false, but his bullet is even higher at over 2300. Anyway, here's the rather ugly game:

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