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Very upset! Opponent rudely resigned!!

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    Certain elements of U.S. (or world) history would be very useful but instead we play Oregon Trail to teach us that real Americans love road trips.

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    Oh, yeah, history has nothing to do with geography.

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    Lisa, I think it's in the 3rd hemisphere. I'm going to have to google just to make sure.

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    Hey Lisa there are a lot of people of Canary island decent here in Louisiana. Se llaman "Islaños".

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    Is that where the birds go for Winter?

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    I dont think it was rude.....relax

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    chapablanca2000 wrote:

    There needs to be an emoticon for irony. The wink isn't quite the same. 


    And there actually was a recent thread where a guy blocked people he labeled as "quitters". Although the circumstances were a bit different (his opponent wanted him to resign in the face of mate rather than carrying out the mate himself). 

    If anything, :P would probably be the irony emote

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    Bourbon street is a place where you have to hold your breath at 1pm on a Tuesday.

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    Judging from the smell not many people hold their alcohol.

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    ivandh wrote:
    LOVER84 wrote:
    Sred wrote:

    Definitely a joke.

    it's not a joke.

    Yes it is.

    The trollface is a pretty big hint.

    It's not a joke ,it really happened ;)

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    Well, at least nobody is being ruder than a non-resigner -- that would be the worst. Racism, fine; not resigning -- that's just ridiculous.

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    Rnewms wrote:

    Geography doesnt extend beyond elementary school so I don't know why you expect anything more than continents, china, japan, england, and any local countries.


    It's not hard to avoid that kind of information :)


    It should definitely replace U.S history since that is utterly pointless beyond some presidents and wars.

    Ah, but otherwise future politicians would be deemed as "too ignorant to be president" when they forget a random US history fact on TV.

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    Maybe he had somewhere to go so he had to resgin, if thats not the reason then thats a little mean

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    I don't drink!

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    If you mention you don't curse, either, I can never trust you.

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    What's funny is reading the number of posts that got the joke, and the number of posts that didn't get it. The latter group need a trophy icon of a jet flying over someone's head. Woosh!

    There also needs to be a derailed train trophy awarded to the clever brit that changed the subject.

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    It's called Sarcasm 



    checkmate  Cool

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    Nice save.

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    Except I wasn't referring to Lover84. Claiming "it really happened" sounded phony. ;)

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