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1.... a4???

  • #41
    bigegg1000 wrote:

    whats terminal ennui?

    much better than interminable ennui.

  • #42

    oh haha

  • #43
    batgirl wrote:

    I think he's a muppet.

    I am not a muppet, I'm the first guy made entirely out of Nerf!

  • #44

    If it is good enough for Bent Larsen, it must be good in general.

  • #45

    Someone who plays this isn't bent but totally twisted!

  • #46

    did you hear that? andy's made out of nerf. That means we can throw him in a furnace 100 degrees F and he will survive.

  • #47

    a4 isnt that bad before on other sites in blitz i would play h4 and castle queenside and attack there king with that pawn and it won alot

  • #48

    yeah, sometimes on blitz i play the first move i see and wait for opponent to run out of time

  • #49

    good game. Heres one.


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