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1442 vs 1423

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    I feel like I had a strong lead in the beginning, then I blew it. I was far better developed, but my attack flopped, and at one point he was even a pawn ahead. Any advice on how I could have pulled it off better?

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    22...Na2 would have interesting combination 23.Ra1 d3 24.cxd3 Bb3+ 25.Ke1 Nc1 26.Nd6 Rc6 or 26...Ncxd3 27 Bxd3 Nxd3 28 Kd2 Rd8 29 Kxd3 Rxd6 (with undeveloped White King side and king in centre of board .which should win easily)

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    Nice. Didn't even consider that.


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