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3 game series against a 900 player (im about 900 too) please analyse :)

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    Here's game 1


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    Hi az.  7. d4 is a very nice double attack.  Keep doing tactics.   At 10. Bxf6 you really don't have to capture the pawn to lose your bishop, in general exchanges are preferable with equal valued pieces. Cheers.

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    I am not qualified to analyze your game, but for a 977 player I think you did very good. Your 7th move was very good ( he should have moved his queen though).

    Normally you play your bishop out  before your knight to c3 in this opening, ( on move 3) Giuoco Piano and then  pawn to c3 instead of the knight preparing d4,  which prepares the knight to g5 (now it would be protected by your dark square bishop) for the fried liver attack. There is a line you play your knight to c3, but usually you play pawn to d3. before the knight to c3. Thats a more conservative approach  to control the center however, but the move order could be changed some, I guess, called transposing. What time limit was on this game BTW ?

    There are lots of variations, and I don't know them all, but these lines lead to all kinds of fireworks, and usually the games are very exciting. Congrats on your win.

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    This is game 2. Enjoy.

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    7... Bd6+ wins the queen.

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    Analysis: stop leaving your pieces en prise!

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    6.e5 was a terrible move by white. Overextends, and busts open the center, while having almost nothing developed. Black was ambitious, and capitalized nicely.

    Move 9....Rxe2 would have been tempting to me. Although the move played is fine, too. Whites game is just collapsing at that stage.

    Move 11.Nc3 would have developed a piece. His 11.Qf3? just forced the black queen into the attack, and digs whites grave deeper.

    White HAD to play 15.Bd3. He needs to control the 1st rank. His own back yard.

    Black played an excellent game, then blundered with 16....b6. Lucky white didnt notice.

    18....Bb7 would have been very strong.

    For the most part, very good game! Other than hanging the rook at one point, you did great. You were creative, and aggresive. Am amazed you are only rated 900.

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    Game 3! enjoy.


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