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30 min.. win after a blunder

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    We played a 30 min game. Starting off pretty quick, but took our time later on. I blundered early but then slowly got to drawish position and then won! Quite happy about this game :)
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    Moves 35, 36 shouldn't the King be brought out as a strong piece?

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    43. Rxg4+ was removing the defender and with the check their rook was dead.

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    A-Salty-Dog wrote:

    Moves 35, 36 shouldn't the King be brought out as a strong piece?

    I was afraid to get checked when I would bring it in the open. And the king is strong here I think when he covers the pawns.

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    My friend swears by 2....Nf6 in that position, sacking the e-pawn.

    I do not play 1.e4 e5 from either side, so I cannot verify this myself.

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    Move 18 white should have played Nd4. Not Ne5. White is showing signs of laziness. Expecting his material advantage to win the game for him. That is the surest path to doom.

    23....Rc5 would have been a little stronger than ....Rd5. But it worked out close to the same.

    And yes 43.Kg3?? was a massive blunder on whites part. Is amazing how many tactics can be found in such a "dead drawn" position.

    But good game though. I have very little to add. Gives proof to the old saying that nobody ever won a game by resigning!

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    black could of won on the first move

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    White could've saved the game with 43 Rxg5+.  A very nice (and unusual) trap though!


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