a failed attack

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    well yes i am not 2000+ or anywhere near that i mainly play for fun but it's always nice learning things and i have learnt something today! i can see my instincts were prehaps correct in evaluating the opponents king's position and how i could give up some material in order to open up the game and create some sticky situations for black. however i have also learnt that sometimes it is better to take a small solid advantage that a risky potential one

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    At 4.Nc3 instead you have to play in the center with your freeing d pawn and claim as much space as possible, he will have a harder time attacking your center since he has to waste time maneuvering his pieces, he already moved his pawn to d6, why would he play d5 right away? You are attacking his e5, he has to defend his position in the center before white rolls him over.

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    For me, you took out your queen and bishop too 'far' and thus too early - establish them in the centre and I think your best bet would have been then to have castled on the queen' side and so making your other rook active?

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    The sacrifice is correct.

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    Ooh. That was a bit poor. I noticed that on the move where you moved your knight to take your opponent's queen you would have lost a knight. But at least you will show games you lose.

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