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All those hours in Tactics Gym!!

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    Been training in TT for some time. I was curious if it will ever benifit my chess in any way. 

    This game i was able to create something fancy but i have'nt done enough analysis to call it a certain win (eventhough my opponent blundered and lost). Nonetheless here we are, I play balck and in the middle game sac my rook move #24,to create a passed pawn ( theme of many TT problems). Luckily it worked my way!!

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    Wow! Great win!

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    I think 25. Qxb3 cxb3 26. Rxc6 Rxc6 27. Rxb3 saves the pawn.

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    on move 28 white can also go Rc1

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    yeah FM eilysium, move #28 rc1 was possible and infact wihte ends up with a slight better position i guess. i got lucky :)

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    @Bacon-n-eggs: You are right. QXb3 ends up in equal pawns and position as well. 

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    Thx FirstPiece.

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    it was still a nice find though :).

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    Eilyisum wrote:

    it was still a nice find though :).

    hey my grandson posted something on your workout log on your website could you get back to him.

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    @Eilyisium, Timothy_P :  Thanks guys.

    @edrobin58: i will pass on the message mate;) lol

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    thanks lizr10

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    I spend ages on Tactics Trainer, don't seem to improve...

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    Thanks for your support Wink

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