An Insane Bullet Game 2050 vs 2137

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    Hey this is a game i played today against a 2100 player. It was a bullet game on Live Chess and it was quite an interesting game. Please any analysis of how much i missed or any advice would be really appreciated. Please send your advice my way, anything would be great :) Thanks and enjoy

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    What an awful game.

    Bullet isn't worth analysing, move to showcase.

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    that isnt a very nice thing to say.

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    from the peanut gallery....i'd've told him "you cant beat me". although i tend to agree(not with nasty comment about the game). there is a certain stab and hope approach to bullet. thanx tho' it was a pretty mate.

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    JKO wrote:

    that isnt a very nice thing to say.

    Sorry.  Here's some anlysis then.

    Even playing though at bullet speed I was expecting:



    16.Rxh7+ or gxh7

    17.Rxh7+ or gxh7

    17...Rxe5 is nuts... ok I see now you double attack so I guess that's fine :p

    22.Nxd2 (although white is dead of course)

    Obviously a 1 minute game where each side was ignoring the last move / using pre-move incorrectly.  White seriously underestimated his opponent and played sloppily for an attack expecting an easy mate, blundered into the loss of a piece and lost the right to castle.

    The surprise mate at the end was probably enjoyable, and that's why you posted the game -- this is why I'm thinking showcase forum.  If you seriously want analysis on a game that was sloppy even for 1/0 you're out of your mind Smile

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